Sitting in the shade of a great capital B, I trace back my journey through art between the leadings and spacings of a typeset page. I open the books of memory, following the outlines of a character that, day after day, has become mine. Beauty, refinement, grace and elegance are the four cardinal points of my life, where I loose then rediscover myself as an artist in the contemporaneity of a journey that started with Giovan Battista Bodoni 200 years ago.
A journey that I set out on in my childhood, as I observed, filled with wonder, the dance of my grandfather’s pen drawing magical forests of words on paper.
That irresistible fascination with colours, with a matter that could be touched and moulded… and the deliberate decision to study in order to hone that talent I had been given.
Then there was the day I encountered my first typeface and fell in love with its classical harmony.
That day, I discovered a Fire inside of me, and I never stopped feeding it black ink on white paper, strokes, full and empty spaces, in a pure harmony of subtle balances.
Then there were the words – heard, intoned, spoken… hidden in each and every one of us.
There was the urge to give them a physical, tangible shape, a specific weight. So I naturally started working with iron and its rust, whose colour is that of the passing of time.
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Self Portrait – Monography

biography 1

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Una questione di carattere

Una questione di carattere Exhibit Catalogue.
Museo Bodoniano of Parma | September 29th 2012 – December 1st 2012.
Catalogue edited by Andrea De Pasquale and Isabella De Stefano.
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Lettere, alfabeti, grafie

Edited by Beatrice Buscaroli and Isabella de Stefano.
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Volume about the Incanto exhibit.
Treviso and Asolo, 2007.
Edited by Antonia Ciampi, published by Antiga Edizioni.
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