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Enrico Benetta: the importance of the word | AcciaioArteArchitettura n65

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post by Clara Galanti published on AcciaioArteArchitettura n65 An inborn lightness runs through Enrico Benetta’s work. Whether they are paintings, sculptures or installations, this fact always remains unchanged and becomes almost magical when we think of the main material he uses: steel. Benetta finds the right balance between intangible and tangible, between word and matter, and he tells […]

Arte Fiera Bologna – Gennaio 2015

The works of Enrico Benetta, chosen by Russo and Tornabuoni gallery: two of the most eminent Italian galleries, will be presented at the eagerly awaited Bologna Arts Fair from 22 to 26 January. In the review of the artists represented by the Tornabuoni, Benetta will be participate with his well known Bodoni Iron letters. The […]

Miami – Art Basel 2014

Enrico Benetta was a magnet for art and jewellery collectors at Art Basel 2014 in Miami, exhibiting two works specially created for Vault – The world’s most unique combination of luxuries. A life-size skull and a bullet lodged in marble, loaded symbols with cultural references for every citizen of the world, used Bodoni typefaces and […]

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SublimAzioni: in Venice, my dearest city, nine drops are there to represent a new spiritual state, a suspension of time inside San Gregorio Abbey, silently faced by the cupola of the majestic Chiesa della Salute.

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The small Dandelion flower, as the tradition goes, can make a secret wish come true provided that its tiny, feathery white pistils are all blown off in one go. A monumental Dandelion in mirror steel, placed on one side of the inner garden overlooking the canal of Via Roggia, opens and announces the title of […]


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